There is a lot going on this month, and I mean a lot. So much that it has been a struggle for me to sit down for more than ten minutes to accomplish much of anything. The majority of my writing for Eventide, Book Two has been done on a phone application because the only down time I get is in bed, in the car, and other random locations that grant me the silence and calm required to get the words out. Needless to say, I haven’t written nearly as much as I expected to by this point.

My father has been hospitalized recently for heart complications, which isn’t the first time this year. He underwent heart surgery back in January, the stress of which postponed the release of Genesis. I’m not sure what state my father is in exactly, all I know is that the doctors are doing all the can to help him get better, and when he does recover enough, he will go through rehabilitation. My fingers are crossed that he gets better soon and that there is a positive outcome to this. That, and the inevitable allergy assault in February [I do not bode well with the pollen and cotton plants in this area], are part of what has caused me to have little to no writing time lately.

Which brings me to the other thing that has caused such a slow writing process – I am moving across the country in roughly a month. My husband and I have been planning to leave Arizona since… well, essentially the very day we moved here. But under the circumstances of what brought us here, there wasn’t much to be done about it. Four and a half years later, however, we have finally decided that we are officially done with the desert. Most of our non-essentials have been packed up, we’ve sold quite a few things in a garage sale we held over the weekend, and we continue to pack more and more every day. The goal is to be out of here and on the road [for four days, which will give me plenty of writing time!] to Indiana by the middle of May.

So, there is a possibility that my next book won’t be out in May… but it seems that my goal for having a book out every forty-five days or so has not been going as planned since the year began.

Free Signed Books


During packing in preparation for the big move next month, I came across a box in my closet that I had forgotten about. The box contained eleven first edition copies of the Twin Souls paperback. Now, when I say “first edition”, I mean that they have the old cover and are not as polished [grammar-wise] as the book is presently. I decided that I would offer these copies to anyone that might want one. I would be happy to sign them and deliver them – all I ask in return is that you pay for the shipping itself. If you are interested, be one of the first eleven people to comment on this blog post with their e-mail address and I will send you more information :]

Along with the book, I will include some of the Twin Souls pins featured in the above image! I have a lot of them left over from a book signing I attended in 2013 and had – as previously mentioned – forgotten about in that box. If you would like more than one pin, don’t hesitate to ask! I have more than enough. I can even send you just the pin if that’s all your interested in.

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