Upcoming Releases

Untitled Druid Novel – TBA


Animari, Book 3 [Ethereal]

A mysterious weapon exists that may or may not be the key to successfully stopping Azryel once and for. What sacrifices will have to be made to ensure it doesn’t fall into the hands of the Neco’mortis?

Ani’mari, Book 4 – TBA

Synopsis to come.

Tales of Forgotten Lore Book 2 [Arundale] – TBA

Novella about Artemis and Constantine Arundale’s past, before Haven existed, and before Constantine became influenced by the Nefastus and Necromancy.

Tales of Forgotten Lore Book 3 [Waldron] – TBA

Novella about Paul’s past.

Tales of Forgotten Lore Book 4 [Arcanum] – TBA

Novella about the mysterious Isles of Arcanum, home to the Inquisitors.

Eighteen Years Later – TBA

A continuation of the Waldron / Young family’s story.
[Book / series has no title at present.]


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