If you don’t feel like reading everything below, here is a briefing of the biggest announcement – Synergy is out as of yesterday afternoon. Genesis and Synergy are BOTH available on all platforms – currently they are live on Amazon and Google Play, and are in the process of being reviewed for upload everywhere else. Ephemeral and Evanescent will soon be made available everywhere, also.

As many of you are aware, this year has been a big struggle for me. What started out as a normal year, filled with regular goals… turned into a hectic mess, trauma, and the occasional feeling of utter failure. Last year, I managed to write more than five hundred thousand words. I had hoped to achieve more this year, and knew it was possible. Then things took a turn for the worse. I lost one of the most important people in my life, and I went into a state of denial and depression. I couldn’t find it in me to write, and when I did, it often seemed forced.

While I am still heavily grieving that loss, I am managing my work better. Somehow, even after all that we go through — trauma, pain, illness, grief, stress, exhaustion — we have to continue on with our lives, one way or another. Synergy was a struggle to write in the beginning, but I am pleased with the outcome, and have the majority of the third book already mapped out and ready to begin writing.

We can never plan for a tragedy to strike, and its results vary person-to-person. Thank you for sticking with me through this struggle, for understanding that life comes before books [or so we like to believe ;]] and being a true fan.

Now, onto what you are really here for — the big news.

The second book in the Eventide series is LIVE as of yesterday afternoon. It was originally slated for release today, but sometimes miracles happen. Below, you will find the cover art for Synergy and its blurb, as well as links for where it may be purchased. If you are one of the many that does not use Kindle, do not despair, for both Synergy and Genesis are available on all platforms. Both novels are already available on Amazon and Google Play. As they are made available on other retailers, I will update this post, as well as report it on my Facebook and Twitter pages.

Also, as stated above, Ephemeral and Evanescent are out of their contracts with Amazon and will soon be made available everywhere.

Synergy Cover

Alan has found the cure he sought, but it does not lie within the pages of a book, it courses through the veins of the girl who saved his life—Everest, who lies dying in Roman’s arms.

As the exhausted trio flees through the cold, unfamiliar woods, Leo and his Ahiga warriors, enraged by their friend and mentor’s death, begin to close in. To make things worse, Alan senses another pursuer—one traveling on four legs. There will be no outrunning this one.

Will the group find their way through the unknown and survive against all odds? If they manage to evade their attackers, will Everest—Alan’s only chance at a cure—survive her wounds? One thing is for sure, Alan will need to come to terms with his curse and use its strength if he hopes to see another day.

Where to buy:

Amazon UK

Google Play

And here is the link for Genesis on Google Play –

Google Play

I hope that you enjoy Synergy, and that if you haven’t already had a chance to read Genesis, I hope you enjoy it as well! If you do enjoy them, please leave a review from wherever you purchased the book. Reviews are not only greatly appreciated [I love to hear from my fans!], they also help new readers find my work, which helps all of us out, in a roundabout way :]

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