Are you curious what things look like from Silas’s perspective? Restore gives you the opportunity to look into Silas’s mind after the conclusion of the Forevermore series. If you haven’t finished Forevermore, I suggest not reading Restore yet as it is full of spoilers!

I had a blast writing from Silas’s viewpoint. He’s always been a tad of a mystery to the readers because you only get to see him from Madison or Alexis’s side of things, but now you can finally see what things look like through his eyes.

For those who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the second Eventide book, I am happy to say that it is more than halfway completed. It’s been a long process, writing this book, and I am just as eager to get it out as you are to read it – but not enough that I am willing to sabotage a great story through rushing it. I’ve been through a lot this year, and it has cause a lot of interruptions and obstacles in regards to my writing, but I am grateful for those of you who have bared with me and stuck around. I have a lot in store for you – after Eventide concludes [it will be a trilogy], I intend to complete the Ani’mari Saga, and I have several short stories from the characters of both Nevermore and Forevermore coming in the future – most notably a tale from Paul’s perspective, and Salem’s life before he became a vampire. I am especially excited for that one, as I imagine you probably will be, too!

Also, there is something else coming to you in the future [I can’t yet say when… sometime after I finish the majority of everything mentioned above], you have not seen the last of Madison and her crew, nor Alexis and hers. You will have a better understanding of what that entails when you read the end of Restore.

Restore Book Cover

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Some memories should stay forgotten…
My brother, Liam, was once known as Silas Arith, but he doesn’t remember that. Not since Chloe erased his former life from memory and placed a facade to protect us all. To give him a chance at a normal life he never had.

God help us if his memories are ever restored.

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