My giveaway ended yesterday, and I now have the results!

The winner of the Salem bottle is Misty Morey!
The winner of the Mathias bottle is Brandi Spurling!
The winner of the Alan bottle is Joyce Burton!

Congratulations to the three of you! I will be sending out an e-mail to each of the winners with the next steps to get their bottles delivered. As stated in the original giveaway post, the delivery date may vary due to the snow.

In case anyone was wondering, the results also revealed that out of 176 entries, Salem got 111 votes, Mathias got 36, and Alan got 29. I am not at all surprised by the clear victor.

I have a poll coming soon, as well as a couple cover reveals. I’ll also be announcing the release date for Ethereal, Ani’mari Saga Book Three soon, so keep on the lookout!

I featured this question on my Facebook page, but figured I would ask here as well for those who don’t use Facebook [but if you do use it and haven’t followed me, go do it! You don’t know what you might be missing! My Facebook followers usually get release announcements earlier than website viewers!] :

What are some of the side characters you wish you knew more about?
Hannah, Paul, Noah, Iris, Chloe, Artemis, Hazel, Killian, etc.? 

Leave your answer in the comments! 

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