Anathema has been live on Amazon and Google Play for nearly a week now – have you grabbed your copy yet? It’s still in the process of uploading onto Apple, and I will post on my Facebook page about it as soon as it goes live.

I will be reviewing the applications for beta reading once more as some of my former beta readers have not been able to fulfill the requirements and therefore I need to find just a couple more willing readers. So if you are interested in being one of my trusty beta readers and feel you can dedicate a couple days a month to not only reading early release projects but also scouring the manuscript for spelling / grammar errors and giving your honest input on the story, go here and fill out an application! I have a large amount of applications to sort through already, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a chance!

I mentioned in my last post that once my mailing list reached 2,000 subscribers I would unveil the contest idea that was brewing in my mind. As of yesterday, I am officially at 2,036 subscribers!

Back in December, I indulged in some crafting… okay, a lot of crafting. It’s been one of my stress relievers since the events of last year rattled me and my emotions. Most of my crafts involved small glass bottles and glitter. I was inspired by something we are all likely familiar with – letters in a bottle. I had some parchment-esque paper laying around in my craft drawers, as well as some thread that looked remarkably like rope. I opened my laptop and searched through several of my books in search of the ~perfect~ quote to have on these dainty little scrolls.


I thought, okay, I have three well-loved male characters in my Nevermore, Forevermore, and Eventide series, and enough thread to make three scrolls… so why not have each one feature a quote from each of those characters? It was a lot of fun pairing the right glitter colors for each of them. Black and green for Alan to match his hair [fur?] and eyes. White and green for Mathias, for the same reason [sans the fur]. Salem was an obvious choice of black and blue with a pinch of violet. There are also some minuscule confetti hearts sprinkled in the mix.



Here are the quotes of choice –


[“I believe I have loved you since I first laid eyes on you,” Mathias.
“My twin soul, I will always, always love you … even in death,” Salem.
“I’ll always love you. Forevermore,” Alan.]

Who doesn’t want to win one of these bottles and pretend that Salem, Mathias, or Alan dedicated these scrolls to them?!

I contemplated the idea of putting the bottles on a chain, as I have done with some of my other bottle crafts …


But I ultimately decided that would be a poor choice because you may want to remove the lid, unravel the scroll, and read it, and you couldn’t very well do that if I sealed it!


Instead of an actual contest, I have decided to do a giveaway as a way to say thank you to my fans!

The entry requirements for the giveaway will be as follows –
All you need to do is answer the question below, which will automatically enter you into the giveaway. It will also put you on the list to win that specific bottle, so choose carefully!

The entry period for this contest will be from now until February 15th.

Winners will be picked at random through Gleam. There will be only three winners, who will receive one bottle each.

Good luck!

Pick Your Favorite Male Character!

Date of shipment will vary dependent on what the weather decides as the snow has been rather unpredictable.

If you like this idea and have suggestions on other bottle crafts you would like to see based on my books and / or characters, say so in the comments! [I am also open to suggestions outside of the realm of my books and characters, and am hoping to open a store for the charms in the future :]]


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